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AEM X-Series Tru-Boost Controller Gauge w/ Boost Control Solenoid 80PSIg Internal MAP Sensor

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Features: A boost display gauge and boost controller in one! Easy to program—no laptop required Boost control solenoid and all necessary hardware included On-board 80PSIg MAP sensor—no upgrade kit needed for high boost vehicles Two boost level settings and scramble boost setting Wastegate open pressure setting for controlling boost spikes and faster spool Display boost levels in PSI, BAR or kPa Overboost protection and programmable alarms, ground output for an optional LED warning light Peak boost level recall X-Series design for the best visibility (87-percent larger center LED and 33-percent larger face design) X-Series dimensions make it easier to install (0.825-inch overall depth, 0.20-inch cup depth) AEMnet CAN-bus enabled for data logging (13 channels of data over the 2-wire connection) Standard 52mm (2-1/16-inch) cup 24 programmable green outer LEDs Auto-dimming sensor for ideal brightness day or night Positive locking connectors Optional silver bezel with white faceplate accessory kit (30-0352-ACC)

he beloved Tru-Boost Gauge from AEM has been put to pasture and is replaced with the new X-Series Tru-BoostX Boost Controller Gauge. The Tru-BoostX Boost Controller Gauge delivers all of the features you loved about the original, and now includes integration with AEMnet for data logging and a big, fat internal MAP sensor that can handle boost pressures up to 80 PSI of boost.

The Tru-BoostX Boost Controller gauge delivers digital accuracy but with the simplicity of a manual boost controller. All programming is done using the faceplate buttons and no laptop is required. AEM’s specially designed Boost Control Solenoid and all necessary hardware is included.

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