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fifteen52 Holeshot RSR 19x9 Magnesium Grey Wheel

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The Holeshot RSR came to fruition through a design exercise in perfecting the classic mesh wheel design. Improving on our Formula GT wheel of seasons passed, the Holeshot RSR has a stepped-lip profile and subtle face protrusion that embody the fifteen52 style.
With two face profile variants and the ability to specify barrel depth through the flow forming process, the RSR Wheel Program can specifically target a wide range of vehicles and provide ideal fitments for each application. The wheel width, offset, center bore, and bolt pattern can be specific to each SKU. To start, the Holeshot RSR will be available in MK3 Ford Focus, MK7 Volkswagen Golf/Jetta, and FK8 Honda Civic Type R fitments with several additional applications slated for future production.
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