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HKS Premium Body Kit 2020 Toyota Supra A90

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Kit Includes:

  • Front lip
  • Front fenders (L/R)
  • Side skirts (L/R)
  • Rear fenders (L/R)
  • Rear duck-tail Rear canard (L/R)
  • FRP GT Wing (optional)

Application: 2020 Toyota GR Supra

Utilizing the experience and knowhow gained on aerodynamics through past time attack machines such as "CT230R", "TRB-03", and "TRB-04", HKS has released their original body kit for the new GR Supra. This kit is constructed of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) and is finished with a black gel coat on the surface. Body styling concepts are inherited from past time attack machines and the kit was designed with an emphasis on clean airflow to the rear of the vehicle to improve driving stability. Rear downforce can be further improved as well by adding the GT wing to the trunk lid.
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