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  • Seibon Carbon Fiber Front Grille + Mirror Covers: 2016-2018 Honda Civic

    Seibon Carbon announces their newest OEM-Style Carbon Fiber Front Grille and Mirror Covers for the 2016-18 Honda Civic (sedan, hatch, coupe, Si, and Type R). The pieces are a direct replacement. Performance comes from its production process that allows an exceptional carbon to resin ratio, creating high product stiffness that leads to extra strength. In other words, Seibon products are lightweight and durable. For a stunning finish, the carbon fiber is covered with a sleek, glossy clear coat.

    Application: 2016-2018 Honda Civic (sedan, hatch, coupe, Si, and Type R)

    Part Numbers / Pricing

    FG16HDCV4D : OEM-style Carbon Fiber Grille JCERacing Price Shipped: $561.00

    MC16HDCV : Mirror Covers JCERacing Price Shipped: $255.00


    Aeromotive’s Next Gen A1000 is the company’s newest high performance, adjustable EFI regulator designed for medium to high horsepower applications. This regulators features Aeromotives high-flow design, superb pressure control and legendary durability.

    This next generation A1000 EFI regulator features legendary Aeromotive flow and pressure control in a new body, profiled for reduced size and weight. This new, patented design features a deep, bright-dip black anodized finish on the cap and base, with AN spec ORB (o-ring boss) style inlet/outlet and return ports.

    In addition to the aesthetic enhancements, this next generation version A1000 regulator provides a distinct visual cue that you’ve purchased a genuine, Aeromotive EFI regulator, ensuring our valuable customers are not tricked into purchasing an inferior, knock-off or counterfeit component like so many flooding the market from across the ocean.

    On the street and at the track, A1000 regulators have logged more miles, laps and passes than any other performance EFI regulators in the world!


    • Engineered for A1000 class and smaller pumps
    • Gas, ethanol, methanol and diesel compatible
    • 40-75 PSI adjustable base pressure range
    • 1:1 vacuum/boost reference capability
    • 1/8 NPT dedicated gauge port

    Part Numbers

    13138 : (2) ORB-06 inlet/outlet ports (1) ORB-06 return port

    13139 : (2) ORB-08 inlet/outlet ports (1) ORB-06 return port

    13140 : (2) ORB-10 inlet/outlet ports (1) ORB-06 return port


    That’s right; BBS FI-R Wheels in 991 Porsche Turbo S fitment are always IN STOCK at JCERacing.com!

    Minimum mass, maximum stability: The essence of what sports car drivers want is now available on our shelves for immediate delivery in the forged BBS FI-R wheel.

    The FI-R wheel with TÜV certificate is firstly available for Porsche 991 GT3 (centerlock) as well as for the BMW F80 M3/ F82 M4. With finishes available in platinum silver and satin black as well as polished ceramic as an option, these wheels are offered in the following dimensions: 20x9, 20x9.5, and 20x12. An FI-R wheel for the Porsche 991 GT3, mounted on the front axle in the dimension 9 x 20 inches, weighs in at just around 7.9 kilograms. The counterpart in 12 x 20 inches for the rear axle weighs only 9.2 kilograms with a wheel load of 620 kilograms.

    Forging Technology

    Forging is a non-cutting forming process for material in a heated, solid condition. In order to generate the highest degree of material density and weight reduction at top performance from BBS’ high-strength and durable aluminum or magnesium alloys, they are further enhanced in a complex forging process. This entails placing the heated star hub or the entire wheel blank in a press and compressing it in several work steps at 5000 to 8000 tons of closing pressure to further increase the density of the material in a special form known as a matrix. In between the individual work steps, the blank is repeatedly heated to approx. 400 degrees centigrade (752ºF). As a result an optimal material structure is achieved particularly at the areas of high strain, the wheel can be dimensioned smaller, and is thereby lighter in weight.

    100% Weight Optimized

    Because the spokes are back-milled, the optimal ratio between weight and stability is achieved for a light alloy wheel. This is achieved using a special CNC milling process, where the lateral parts that hold the wheel spokes are not relevant for stability, and are removed to reduce the weight of the wheel‘s rotating mass.

    Applications: 2013-2015 Porsche Turbo S (991-chassis)

    Part Numbers / Pricing (per wheel)

    bbsFI133BS : Front BBS FI-R 20x9 Center Lock ET52 CB84 Satin Black Wheel JCERacing Price Shipped: $2,160.00

    bbsFI142BS : Front BBS FI-R 20x9.5 Center Lock ET50 CB84 Satin Black Wheel JCERacin Price Shipped: $2,260.00

    bbsFI134BS : Rear BBS FI-R 20x12 Center Lock ET44 CB84 Satin Black Wheel JCERacing Price Shipped: $2,310.00


    The Aeromotive 340 Stealth Fuel Pump is a high-output, in-tank, electric fuel pump that fits most popular EFI applications. The Aeromotive 340 is a compact, lightweight pump that bolts into many existing hanger assemblies. (to find your vehicle, see the applications guide below) What sets the 340 Stealth Pump apart is its superior flow throughout a wide pressure range. Compared to other popular aftermarket pumps, at 40 psi the 340 boasts more than 340 lph. That’s over 30% more flow. This pump is ideal for applications requiring more flow while retaining the factory lines and mounting provisions available in the Original Equipment (O.E.) configuration. The 340 is also perfect for use as a universal replacement for applications that require more flow to support forced air power adders such as turbo and supercharged applications.

    Note: Please use Aeromotive 340 application guide below for correct part number.


    • Fits most vehicles where popular aftermarket pumps are applicable
    • Center Inlet
    • E85 Compatible
    • Includes universal filter sock – may not fit in some applications
    • Designed for in-tank use only
    • Can be used in Carbureted or EFI applications
    • Turbine pump mechanism increases durability and can be used in pulse modulated applications.


    Pump Universal Drop Parts Kit (Filter, Wiring Pigtail, Rubber Hose, (2) Clamps, Rubber Grommet)

    Part Numbers (depending on application)

    11540- Aeromotive 340 Series Stealth In-Tank E85 Fuel Pump - Center Inlet 11541- Aeromotive 340 Series Stealth In-Tank E85 Fuel Pump - Offset Inlet 11542- Aeromotive 340 Series Stealth In-Tank E85 Fuel Pump - Offset Inlet - Inlet Inline w/ Outlet 11569- Aeromotive 340 Series Stealth In-Tank E85 Fuel Pump - Center Inlet - Offset (GM applications)




    Engineered to 'Activate More Grip', sway bars are principally designed to reduce body roll or sway. By reducing body roll, lateral loads are spread more evenly across the tires thereby increasing cornering grip and improving outright performance. This Whiteline 27mm two-point adjustable sway bar provides more grip, which provides better handling and outright performance. It's the best dollar for dollar handling improvement you can make to your vehicle. In fact, benefits extend to improvements in handling; safety and tire wear without affecting ride quality or comfort.

    Not many enthusiasts are aware that worn or inadequate mounts, drop links and lateral stoppers, can hinder OE and more importantly aftermarket sway bar effectiveness. Whiteline adjustable sway bar links are engineered to be up to the task with top spec, light weight componentry combined with a window of adjustability, eliminating sway bar preload on installation but most importantly ensuring the maximum output of the sway bar for improved grip and better handling.

    Application: 2017+ Honda Civic Type R (FK8)

    Part Numbers/Pricing

    BHF97Z : 27mm Front Sway Bar MAP: $173.70

    BHR97Z : 22mm Rear Sway Bar MAP: $143.10

    KLC217 : Rear Sway Bar End Link MAP: $119.52

    KLC140-335 : Front Sway Bar End Link MAP: $119.52


    H&R has released the perfect lowering spring answer for cars equipped with electronic shocks. H&R VTF Adjustable Lowering Springs are sport springs with more – more lowering, more features, more personalization. Lower your vehicle with world-renowned H&R Sport Springs and have the advantage to fine-tune lowering to your own taste. Adjustable down to the micro millimeter and with an average lowering range of 0.30 – 2.7” depending on application, your stance can now be as unique as you are.

    H&R VTF

    (Verstellbar TieferlegungsFedern) are specifically designed and tuned to work with factory damping for superb ride and great handling. All H&R components are crafted for strength, resiliency, and durability, and are 100% made in Germany.

    • Lowers approx. 1.0–1.8 inches front, and 0.4–1.2 inches rear on F8X chassis
    • Designed to work with original equipment electronic shocks
    • Precision adjustment collars and spring perches

    Application: 2015-2017 BMW M3/M4 (F8X)

    Part Number: 23003-1

    MSRP: $995.00 Click link for better price: https://jceracing.com/h-r-adjustable-lowering-springs-15-17-bmw-m3-m4-coupe-16-17-bmw-m2-incl-edc-vtf.html


    Upgrade the Mustang GT rubber hoses with Mishimoto 2015+ Mustang GT 100% silicone hoses for increased style and reliability. These Mustang hoses will have no problem standing up to the heat of the Coyote engine. Unlike the degradation-prone stock rubber Mustang hoses, each Mishimoto Mustang silicone hose is constructed from four layers of silicone with heat-resistant embedded fibers to provide unmatched durability, heat tolerance, and pressure tolerance. These Mustang GT hoses are available in black, blue, or red, so deck out the engine bay in style. The Mustang GT hoses also come with the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.


    • Direct fit for 2015+ Ford Mustang GT
    • Constructed from four layers of silicone with heat-resistant embedded fibers
    • Improves heat and pressure tolerance
    • Includes both engine to expansion tank hoses, and radiator to expansion tank hose
    • Radiator to expansion tank hose comes with integrated check valve for stock like operation
    • Includes high-quality worm-gear clamps for ease of installation
    • Available in black, blue, or red
    • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

    Application: 2015+ Ford Mustang GT

    Part Numbers:

    MMHOSE-MUS8-15U, Mishimoto 15+ Ford Mustang GT Silicone Upper Radiator Hose
    JCERacing Price: $89.00

    Vorsteiner i8 VR-E Aero products are constructed of the finest Autoclaved Pre-Impregnated Carbon Fiber. Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber provides superior stiffness, aerospace strength, and durability compared to traditional hand laid carbon fiber composites. The i8 VR-E is a collection of unprecedented hand-made carbon fiber components for the 2014+ BMW i8.

    Part Numbers / Pricing

    8000BMV : VR-E Aero Front Spoiler Carbon Fiber PP 1x1 Glossy JCERacing Price Shipped: $1,800.25

    8001BMV : VR-E Aero Rear Diffuser Carbon Fiber PP 1x1 Glossy JCERacing Price Shipped: $1,800.25

    8002BMV : VR-E Aero Ducktail Spoiler Carbon Fiber PP 1x1 Glossy JCERacing Price Shipped: $945.25

    BMV1125 : VR-E Aero Front Skid Plate (Only with 8000BMV) JCERacing Price Shipped: $261.25


    31Slip-On Exhaust System Built from high-grade, heat-resistant, ultra-lightweight titanium alloys – which are sandblasted and coated for durability – the Slip-On Line is the first step in exhaust modification. Delivering weight savings in excess of 35% over stock, while increasing performance, the exhaust uses the latest innovative technologies in its construction, including parts cast in Akrapovič’s in-house foundry. It is perfectly tuned to give a unique sound to the turbocharged boxer engine and is finished with two beautiful tailpipes to add to the aesthetic pleasure. Designed to replace the Porsche sport system, the Slip-On Line can also be used with the optional stainless-steel link pipe set to further improve sound and performance. Part Number: S-PO/TI/5H JCERacing Price Shipped: $5,506.81

    Link Pipe Set w/ Cats Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, this optional addition to the Slip-On Line will enhance the sound of the exhaust, and power will be taken to greater heights. Fitted with sporty catalytic converters that meet ECE requirements, installing this option increases the engine’s performance and adds an aural improvement for all to appreciate. Providing improved flow for the exhaust gases, the link pipes take the 911 to greater heights. Part Number: L-PO/SS/1H JCERacing Price Shipped: $3,472.60

    Rear Carbon Fiber Diffuser The diffuser is perfectly styled to add a stunning visual touch to the rear of the Porsche 911. Made from handcrafted, high-grade carbon fiber, the rear diffuser is available in either a matte or high-gloss finish to complement the twin centrally located tailpipes. Part Numbers DI-PO/CA/3/G : High Gloss Finish JCERacing Price Shipped: $1,534.13 DI-PO/CA/3 : Matte Finish JCERacing Price Shipped: $1,343.85


    Now our customers can save BIG on KONI! The latest promotion from KONI makes consumers eligible for $30-$70 back on four KONI dampers or one car set suspension kit purchases from now until October 31, 2017! Now At www.JCERacing.com

    Rebate Amount: $30

    • STR.T (4 shocks only) with Part Number Prefix:
      • 8050
      • 8250
      • 8650
      • 8750
      • 8850

    Rebate Amount: $50

    • Sport, Special, Classic, FSD (Kit), Heavy Track, Raid (4 Shocks Only) with Part Number Prefix:
      • 26
      • 30
      • 80
      • 82
      • 86
      • 87
      • 88
      • 90
      • 2100
      • 3013
      • 8010
      • 8040
      • 8041
      • 8042
      • 8210
      • 8420
      • 8241
      • 8610
      • 8640
      • 8641
      • 8710
      • 8740
      • 8741
      • 8742
    • STR.T, Special Kits  (Shocks & Springs) with Part Number Prefix:
      • 1125
      • 1135

    Rebate Amount: $70

    • Sport, FSD, Coil-over Kits  (Shocks & Springs) with Part Number Prefix
      • 1145
      • 1150
      • 2150

    How To Qualify:

    • Fill out the attached rebate form in its entirety.
    • Attach the original, dated sales receipt showing your purchase of qualified KONI product(s). Keep a copy for your records and warranty.
    • Cut out and attach the original UPC / barcode label(s) from each original KONI box.
      • Suspension kit = one (1) UPC symbol required.
      • Individual shocks/struts = four (4) UPC submissions required.

    Mail the completed form, original sales receipt, and original UPC label(s) to the following address:

    KONI Retro Rebate Days Offer# 39928 PO Box 6052 Douglas, AZ 85655-6052


    Vorsteiner EVO Aero products are constructed of the finest Autoclaved Pre-Impregnated Carbon Fiber. Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber provides superior stiffness, aerospace strength, and durability compared to traditional hand laid carbon fiber composites. The EVO is a collection of unprecedented hand-made carbon fiber components for the BMW M3 and M4 (F8x chassis).

    Part Numbers/Pricing

    vor4100BMV : EVO Aero Front Spoiler (M3/M4)

    Material: Autoclaved 1×1 Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber with UV-Inhibiting Clear Lacquer Coating

    JCERacing  Price Shipped: $1,230.25

    vor4102BMV : EVO Deck Lid Spoiler (F82 M4 ONLY)

    Material: Autoclaved 2×2 Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber with UV-Inhibiting Clear Lacquer Coating

    JCERacing Price Shipped: $755.25

    vor4103BMV : EVO Deck Lid Spoiler (F80 M3 ONLY)

    Material: Autoclaved 2×2 Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber with UV-Inhibiting Clear Lacquer Coating

    JCERacing Price Shipped: $755.25


    From May 1 through June 30th, 2017, Auto Meter is offering massive savings for their 60th Anniversary! The rebate includes all Phantom, Pro-Comp, Sport-Comp, and Ultra-Lite series gauges.

    A list of eligible products and their part numbers is attached.

    Rebate Details:

    Huge Savings on AutoMeter’s most legendary instruments! This rebate affects all gauges within Phantom, Pro-Comp, Sport-Comp, and Ultra-Lite. A total of 485 of Auto Meter's best selling and most iconic models are covered by this rebate. Buy ‘X’ dollars in eligible AutoMeter product and get ‘Y’ in mail-in rebate cash back Spend $100 US, get $15 back Spend $250 US, get $40 back Spend $500 US, get $75 back Spend $750 US, get $125 back Spend $1,000 US, get $175 back Spend $1,500+ US, get $250 back Purchase amount is the subtotal of eligible Auto Meter parts only and does not include tax, shipping, or any other fees beyond the net price Purchases from eBay, Custom Shop, and unauthorized retails are not eligible What To Do:

    Complete the entire rebate request form (attached) Include original sales receipt/invoice (make a copy for your records) Include the original UPC codes and Part Number labels from each product being claimed Mail To:

    Auto Meter Products, Inc. 60th Anniversary Rebate 413 West Elm Street Sycamore, IL 60178 See attached rebate form for complete details.

    Q2 2017 Rebate Form_LO_RES.PDF

    AutoMeter 60th Rebate Eligible Prod List May-Jun 2017 2016 Product Data.pdf

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