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Advan Wheels

GT 6

The ADVAN Racing GT is the second forged wheel to be made under the ADVAN Racing brand. This wheel offers superior strength and light weight characteristics required for race conditions.

This new flagship ADVAN Racing Wheel boasts a simple yet aggressive 5 spoke design of the TCIII and the successful forging strength and multiple rim depth design of the RZ-DF.

The ADVAN GT is available in three rim depths: 39mm (Standard), 51.5mm (Medium), and 67.5mm (Extra).

The PCD variations are offered to suit Japanese, Domestic, and European cars (inc. Mercedes, BMW, Audi etc).


The Yokohama Advan Racing RGIII is a 1 piece, 6-spoke wheel made from flow form casting. The Advan Racing RGIII features side cuts on the spokes for weight savings similar to the RSII. The RGIII utilizes a deep concave for impressive looks that deepens from standard to GTR to Super GTR faces as the width and offset changes. The Advan Racing logo between the rim spokes is machined after painting so that the natural aluminum shows through the wheel color. The RGIII will be available in 17, 18, and 19 inch diameters with multiple widths and offsets.


Introducing the first full-face design in the ADVAN Racing brand’s lineup of forged wheels. This large-diameter design, which is based on the RZⅡ, uses advanced forging technology that brings weight reduction to a whole new level. Among the ADVAN Racing brand, the cast RZⅡ shares the limelight with the forged GT. The RZⅡ’s sophisticated design, specific to casting method, is the basis for a brand new design called the RZ-F2. Actually, this is the first newly changed model since the introduction of the RZ-DF eight years ago. The RZ-DF was a forged wheel with deep rims, based on the first-generation RZ twin-spoke design.

These wheels, however, mark a departure from the deep rim design, and for the first time in ADVAN Racing brand history, a forged wheel with a full-face design is adopted. In other words, the development was aimed at creating a wheel to match the forged RZⅡ. The F in RZ-F2 means “forged,” of course, but the “deep rim” D of RZ-DF is not used. Yes, this new wheel is a forged RZII-like design, but the strength attainable through forging technology clearly affects the wheel’s design. So while the new design has a stepped shape and sports spokes that are side cut on both sides, just like the RZII wheels, but the spokes are thinner and straighter, creating an aura that says “forged” at first glance. And, featuring the four types of concave faces, etc., these wheels have been engineered to take maximum advantage of forging technology and manufacturing expertise.

Further, although the forged ADVAN Racing GT 18-inch wheels and the RS-DF Progressive wheels both adopt barrel rims that will accommodate big rotors of more than 380 mm, these barrel rims are not adopted in the RZ-F2 design. Why? Because the designers wanted to use a reverse rim that took maximum advantage of the wheel’s light weight even if it meant giving up accommodation of big rotors. The new ADVAN Racing RZ-F2 is a sports wheel that was developed to take this genre to new heights.


ADVAN Racing TC III evolved to TC - 4 with a completely different concept of full face 5 spokes. A new design that plus the dynamic curvature of a wheel with a rim such as ADVAN Racing GT plus a full face 5-spoke design.

The spoke side cut is applied only to the crotch part and the tip part of the spoke by computer analysis to optimize the balance between strength and weight reduction, and design consideration is also taken into consideration.

The size is only 18 inches and is set from 7 J to 11 J. Depending on the rim width and inset, three types of faces, Standard Design, GTR Design, Super GTR Design are set up.

The setting color is "Racing Gunmetallic" of color tone close to Dark Silver and "Black Gunmetallic" close to Gross Black. "Amber bronze metallic" of hues close to bronze alumite. And the vivid "Racing Candy Red" 4 color setting. Both colors are specifications in which the outer periphery of the rim flange is cut by diamonds, and the ring is attached to the end of the color notation.

The ADVAN Racing logo is cast between the spokes of the rim part at a height of 1 mm or more, and the top surface of the character is cut after painting. Also included is a new logo TC - 4 dedicated spoke sticker.


An 18-inch super wheel that can be installed in R35 GTR and 997GT3 RS models.

These one-piece wheels which carry on the name of the TCII are the new flagship wheels of the ADVAN Racing bland. These TCIII are based on the traditional 5-spoke design of TC series with more concave spoke.

These one-piece wheels combine high-quality casting method with flow-forming production techniques. “ADVAN Racing" is cast on the rim between spokes in 1mm high. After painting, the letters are engraved on the face by 3D processing machine. The special ADVAN Racing TCIII decal on the spoke is included.

Two colours available: Racing Hyper Silver, Dark Gum Metallic.

These wheels are designed to be used without centre caps. ADVAN Racing CAPs are optional.

A hallmark of ADVAN Racing wheels is the embossed logo cut into the lettering surfaces. And with the debut of the TCII wheels, all wheel centres are milled, and a specially designed bit is used to drill the nut holes, bringing out the full brilliance of the milled aluminium. TCIII wheels were designed with circuit racing foremost in mind. Attention to detail is a matter of pride with the ADVAN Racing brand, and we spare no time or effort to finish every detail on every wheel.

Appealing concave spoke designs were realized because we limited them to sizes with wide rims. The outstanding rim profile of the TCII wheels is especially visible from this angle. The drop necessary to mount the tires rises nearly straight up to the full 18-inch rim line. The rim profile, strongly reminiscent of racing wheels, allows these wheels to accommodate oversize callipers and rotors.

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