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LayAway Plan


Opening a Layaway plan is easy & only requires a few steps and completely online. To initiate a Layaway, simply send us an email with the items you want to just add in subject: Lay Away Plan for Your Name. There's no opening fee required for a Layaway. All you need to do is make a small down-payment of 20% of the total of the order.

The layaway lowdown:

  • For online purchases only
  • Service fee: $0
  • Down payment: 20%
  • Most lease agreements are for a maximum of 3 months, but can be up to 6 months.
  • 90-day purchase options includes a markup over invoice price
  • Your total purchase must be $100 or greater.
  • You can make payments anytime on your Layaway at PayPal.
  • 5% Cancellation Fees Apply if decide to cancel. 

Questions? You can ask customer service at 787-665-4092 or send us an email to

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